Researcher Uses Cookie to Explain Making HSS Lighter

By on March 18, 2019 in IN THE NEWS

Metal researcher Aniruddha Dutta won the German Science Slam Championship 2018. With a comparison between Oreos and high-strength steel, the 28-year-old gave the most entertaining scientific lecture in the competition, earning the loudest applause from the nearly 5,000 in attendance.

Dutta works at the Max Planck Institute for Natural History. His 10-minute talk, “Stealing weight from Steel,” was about how to make steel lighter—for example, to build fuel-efficient cars. The metallurgist explained his scientific approach with the help of Oreos, with their cream filling. In the case of the cookies, the right combination of tougher (cookie) and soft (cream) materials is crucial—as it is with light steel. If you would like to see Dutta’s presentation, go to watch?v=6rY6ueQHW9I.