Next-Generation Glass Fiber Composite

ENOLIT GOR, a leader in the automotive extrusion and thermoforming market, has seen demand for its innovative RENOLIT TECNOGOR take off as the next-generation, safe, clean, 100-percent recyclable glass fiber composite for automotive interior applications. Tier 1 thermoformers combine superior part performance with consistent quality, higher productivity and lower costs of the production process, which has attracted the attention of many OEM automotive buyers.

RENOLIT TECNOGOR is a versatile, high-quality, superior performance, lightweight thermoplastic composite sheet and roll material solution, which enables automotive trim parts to be cost-effectively fabricated for a wide choice of interior finishes. A key benefit for thermoformers using this PP/Gbased substrate is that it can be shaped in a “glue free” one-step process. It is also a very safe for use on the shop floor compared with a glass fiber reinforcement fabric. This is due to the glass fibers in RENOLIT TECNOGOR being completely embedded in the PP polymer matrix during extrusion. As a result, there are no free-floating fibers in the air or exposed glass fibers in the molding.