Editorial Guidelines

Interested in publishing an article, case study or technical solution in Lightweighting World
(print and/or online)? We welcome your interest and look forwarding to working with you closely to develop the best possible editorial contribution.

To submit a specific article or content idea for consideration, send an outline of what you have in mind, or the completed article, to Executive Editor, John Pellettieri, at johnp@lightweightingworld.com.

The query should include:

  • Suggested Working Title of Article
  • Author Name, Title, Company and Contact Information (including address, phone, website and email)
  • Brief Outline (a few sentences describing the specific message and intent of the article
  • General Type of Article (white paper style, overview, case study, application oriented, troubleshooting, opinion, finance-related)
  • Specific Products and Parts Mentioned – list all that apply Specific Technologies Described
  • Intended Audience (OEM executive-level management, design engineers, Tier 1 and/or Tier 2 suppliers, consulting, , other-please specify)

Specific Article Guidelines

  • Feature Article Length: 1800-3000 words
  • Columns: 900-1700 words
  • Product/Service Spotlights: 100-200 words


Acceptable material for article graphics includes high resolution JPG, PDF and TIFF files. Size of each photo submitted should be in the megabyte range, not KB. Generally, 1-5 MB size images work well with Lightweighting World’s design templates.

• Please indicate in your article submission where each graphic or photo should be placed within the article, and please include all graphics and/or photos each as separate file attachments.

• Please also include author(s) bio of about 50 words, plus a high resolution headshot photo for the author(s).