OEM Focus, Including Ford and General Motors, in Latest Issue of Lightweighting World

By on July 21, 2017 in IN THE NEWS

The latest issue of Lightweighting World is now available in digital format.
Click on the cover to view it now.

It is no accident our publication’s underline is “The Magazine of Innovation and Collaboration.” This latest edition is no exception. Collaboration and innovation is at the heart of Ford’s efforts to develop lightweight chassis and subframe components as described in the feature beginning on page 26. General Motors is touting its own lightweighting success and with good reason. The automaker has made significant strides in its move to develop lighter vehicles, with several new models having an impressive average weight reduction of 350 pounds per vehicle. Learn what shapes GM’s lightweighting initiatives in our Q&A with Charlie Klein, Executive Director, Global CO2 and Energy Center for the OEM, pages 22-25.

Early involvement of expert component-design resources is critical to optimizing mass, performance and efficiency for most vehicle components, but especially lightweighting applications. It is a point brought home in this edition’s Product+Processes articles: “Increasing Solenoid Efficiency,” page 44, and German supplier, ElringKlinger’s multi-materials approach used to significantly reduce weight in the cockpit cross beams and front-end carriers of its concept car. You will find that on page 52.


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