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The new industry resource for, about and supporting lightweight vehicle-development launches its print edition at this year’s Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Detroit Conference, August 23-25.

Driven by increasingly strict global fuel economy standards and emission regulations, lightweighting is here to stay. But meeting the new requirements—while maintaining and even strengthening vehicle structures —demands new materials, processes and engineered solutions, coupled with innovative corporate thinking.

Under the Hood

“Lightweighting World answers the critical need for a single, credible industry resource, explains Executive Editor, David A. Hill.” “Our mission is to bring lightweighting applications into sharper focus, while providing a platform for the exchange of technical and application driven-information, inspiration and collaboration.”

Each issue of Lightweighting World will also showcase the latest solutions in materials, design tools, fabrication, assembly and related processes from leading organizations.

2016-08-06_18-42-24The debut edition being previewed at the GALM Detroit Conference features a comprehensive line-up of technical and application articles including an OEM feature from Jaguar Land Rover, a special report on advanced adhesives and bonding applications, an Executive Insight column explaining the organizational thinking required to streamline and focus lightweighting initiatives .and much more.

“We’re very gratified to collaborate with leading lightweighting experts from around the world to present the high-caliber content in this first issue,” says the magazine’s Executive Vice President, John Pellettieri.

While the attention-grabbing headlines of global warming and emissions regulations are sure to continue, improvements in lightweight design and engineering will ultimately be driven by the automotive industry itself, as the premiere and future issues of Lightweighting World will show.

“With a tight text format for articles and quality graphics, Lightweighting World is packed with valuable information that will help automotive professionals meet their lightweighting goals, while improving operations, the environment and the bottom line for years to come,” adds Hill.


Lightweighting World at-a-glance:

Frequency:  Published 6 times  year, in print and online, with periodic special reports/supplements
Circulation: 25,000 US (+5,000 international in 2017)
Content: Applications-driven tech features, case studies, best practice profiles, industry news and trends, business updates, process solutions

Editorial Inquiries: David A. Hill, Executive Editor,, 720-536-5253
Advertising Inquiries: John Pellettieri, Executive VP,, 818-368-5620

Subscriptions: Free to qualified US-based automotive professionals; Canada/Mexico $122/year;
all other countries $164/year

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