New Super Magnesium Alloy

ALLITE® Inc., a full-service material sciences organization that develops and manufactures high-performance metal alloys, has added something notable to its product line— ALLITE Super Magnesium™ WE54. Designed for superior castability, it is 25-percent stronger than the traditional high-performance cast magnesium AZ91.

Due to the alloy’s performance under extreme temperatures, ALLITE Super Magnesium WE54 will primarily benefit the transportation industry, spanning aerospace, locomotive and automotive applications.

Weighing 30 percent less by volume than aluminum, and being both stiffer and stronger pound for pound, ALLITE Super Magnesium WE54 has incredible potential in applications where lightweighting, performance and efficiency are critical—particularly those where components need to be strong and ductile and have specific thermal or electrical properties while still easy to fabricate.

“Die casting is by far the most popular process when it comes to manufacturing magnesium alloy-based products, making this a pivotal moment for our team,” said Bruno Maier, president of ALLITE Inc.

ALLITE Super Magnesium is a revolutionary new group of alloys—only seen previously in classified defense and aerospace projects—that will be leveraged more broadly and applied to a variety of consumer products and components. Furthering its appeal for an increasingly environmentally aware consumer base, magnesium is regarded the most eco-friendly and sustainable metal in the world, as it is 100-percent recyclable and has widespread natural occurrence with unlimited reserves.