Weight Reduction Helps New GM Vehicles Save Fuel, Money

source: Detroit Free Press


The Cadillac CT6 luxury sedan is likely to be the first to benefit from a new welding process to join aluminum to steel. (Photo: Lee Anderson)

Hidden in a General Motors presentation on how the automaker has taken hundreds of pounds out of the weight of its new vehicles is an innovation with huge implications for the automaker’s costs and conversion to new materials.

Stick with me. In about five seconds, you’re going to think “So what?” but this is a big deal and I’ll tell you why.

GM is about to start making parts with a technique that allows it to weld steel and aluminum together.

So what? Here’s what: No other automaker can do it, and that costs them huge amounts of time and money when they convert a vehicle from traditional steel construction to aluminum.

If GM perfects the process, which it’s testing on parts for the new Cadillac CT6 luxury sedan, the automaker will be able to build vehicles that combine aluminum and steel parts faster and cheaper. The customer gets fuel savings and better performance. GM gets a reduction in the time and money it takes to get vehicles to market faster and at a lower cost …


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