Smile, You’re on a Side-View Camera

Honda has big plans for its Honda e, compact electric car. They are talking a battery range of 124 miles and an 80-percent charging capability of 30 minutes.

Its coolest feature, however, is a side-camera mirror system. The camera is on the outside. On the inside are two 6-inch screens located on the right and left sides of the dashboard. The driver gets live images of traffic.

Honda is touting improved visibility. And don’t worry about rain distorting what the driver sees. The camera housings are shaped to keep water drops off the lens, which has a water-repellent coating that prevents water from building up. There are two view sizes, normal and wide. The normal reduces blind spots by 10 percent, wide by 50 percent.

Another advantage of this system is it reduces aerodynamic drag from outside mirrors by 90 percent. This will extend the battery range.

Another feature of the side-view cameras is they make backing up easier. When the Honda e is put in reverse, guidelines show up on the interior screens. The displays change how bright they are as the lighting conditions change.

Make a reservation online if you want to snag a 2020 model.