Toray Unveils Concept Car Made of Advanced Materials

By on October 10, 2016 in IN THE NEWS, MATERIAL MATTERS

20161007_toray_concept_car_article_main_imageTOKYO — Japanese materials maker Toray Industries has unveiled a new concept car to showcase its advanced technology, as the manufacturer hopes to strengthen ties with automakers.

The concept car, Teewave AC1, is made of materials that the company has developed for electric, fuel cell and gasoline vehicles. The car also features exposed carbon fiber propeller shafts, which are normally hidden. Toray showed the concept car, its first in five years, at the recent Toray Advanced Materials Exhibition 2016. The car is designed to provide solutions for making vehicles lighter, safer and more environment-friendly.

Yukio Ishino, director of the company’s automotive materials strategic planning department, said the concept car includes materials such as carbon fibers, lithium-ion battery separators and heat-resistant functional resins. He said the concept car features hydrogen tanks, gasoline engine piping and lithium-ion batteries all at the same time, in order to show the full range of Toray’s materials.

The company has the largest share of the global carbon fiber market, and its business making carbon fibers for aircraft has grown steadily. It is hoping the material will be used in more automobiles, too. While its carbon fibers are being adopted by European luxury cars, the company hopes they will also be used in more common passenger cars.

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