Step Forward for Management of Welding and Joining Data

Management of welding and joining data for use in automotive design and simulation_popup

Granta Design has announced its latest GRANTA MI tools for the management of vital material property data relating to welds and other joining techniques. This data is claimed to be valuable for automotive organisations seeking to ensure accurate design or simulation, but is rarely systematically managed, leading to inefficiencies, inconsistencies, and risk.

Granta is working with OEMs and suppliers through the Automotive Material Intelligence Consortium (AutoMatIC) to create an information system that can ensure data related to welds or other joints is captured, traceable, searchable, and accessible.

Adding intelligence on welding and joining to such a resource is important, because understanding the behaviour of vehicles, whether for crash, durability or other purposes, is dependent not just on the mechanical properties of the materials from which they are made, but also on the joining techniques employed. Whichever of the techniques is used, their effective joint properties must be measured and made available to the engineers who need accurate joint performance data for design, simulation, and durability analysis.

As materials technologies change, particularly to support mixed-material designs for weight reduction, automotive companies are faced with growing complexity in joining technologies and joint performance data.

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