McLaren Made Speedtail Fast and Lightweight

McLaren has introduced its first hyper-GT, the Speedtail. For all those sportscar lovers, it can reach 250 mph, accelerates to 186 mph in an impressive 12.8 seconds and is the company’s most powerful road car. Unless you have a very small family—it only has three seats—and $2 million, this might not be the vehicle for you.

For those looking for fuel efficiency, the Speedtail has a gas-electric hybrid engine in its lightweight carbon fiber body. Mike Flewitt, McLaren’s chief executive, says it reminds him of the “sleek streamliners that once set world records.”

The company designers wanted exceptional aerodynamics, and they delivered. The Speedtail is drag efficient with a slender and elongated 5.4-inch carbon body and teardrop-shaped cockpit, which keeps air close to the body, then directs it away. To decrease weight further, one piece of glass replaces structural panels.

Robert Melville, McLaren’s creative director, said, “For us it is always about taking risks—pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved is central to our design.”

As part of the design goals, retractable digital rearview cameras took the place of wing mirrors, with static aero-carbon elements covering the front “P-Zero” Pirelli tires. This was needed to keep air stays attached to the body.

Flewitt said, “As our first hyper-GT, [the Speedtail] is the ultimate McLaren road car—a fusion of art and science that combines an astonishing maximum speed with an iconic central driving position and a truly pioneering approach to bespoke personalization.”