Lighter-Weight Porsche 911 GTS RS

The 2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS gotten lots of attention for its racing chassis and four-liter, 520 horsepower engine. But, as is increasingly the case these days, the car was strategically designed and built to optimize lightweight construction techniques. As with the previous model, front and rear fascia are made from lightweight polyurethane. The front trunk lid and fenders are carbon fiber, and the roof is constructed from magnesium. But the 2019 version has a large wing mounted on a carbon-fiber deck lid, full bucket seats with carbon-fiber reinforced backrests, lightweight glass for the rear and rear side windows, lightweight door panels, no rear seats and an optional package that includes front and rear sway bars and coupling rods, roof, steering-wheel trim and shift paddles all made from carbon fiber, further reducing overall weight by an 13 pounds. Optional forged magnesium wheels, weighing about 25 pounds less than standard wheels, offer further weight savings over previous models.