Lord’s Adhesives Strategy

By on March 27, 2017 in IN THE NEWS, MATERIAL MATTERS

The developer and manufacturer of high-performance adhesive products will share its expertise as speakers at the annual Automotive Circle conference Joining in Car Body Engineering 2017. The presentation, “Adhesives in the body shop – current and future requirements,” will take place on Tues., April 4 at 10:25 a.m. To be held April 4-6 in Bad Nauheim, Germany, the conference brings together an international network of expert engineers to discuss latest technical progress and strategies concerning all joining technologies that are of relevance in industrial car body production. LORD Corporation’s Mark Pressley, lead staff scientist, Structural Adhesives R&D, and Federico Ciardelli, global market and business development manager, will highlight a new adhesive designed specifically for this market that has gained recent approval by major OEM.

Lord also recently announced the the development of a two-component, epoxy-modified acrylic adhesive designed for bonding a variety of automotive sheet metals including hot-dip galvanized and electro-galvanized, bare and oily aluminum as well as cold-rolled steel. LORD Versilok® 271/331 two-component acrylic adhesive can be either room-temperature (RT) cured or heat-cured (around 80-degrees-C) for faster processing. The adhesive features glass beads which provide a strong mechanical lock that prevents shifting of substrate panels. Easy-to-apply adhesive utilizes non-sagging rheology that replaces the need for spot welding, which can degrade metal and allow rusting to occur. The company reports that the adhesive bonds exceptionally well through the various stamping lubricants typically present on metals, eliminating the need for advance cleaning and surface preparation.

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