Lightweight Hydrogen Cars to be Tested on UK Roads

By on June 20, 2016 in IN THE NEWS

A Welsh startup has been given permission to test its hydrogen-powered cars on public roads in the UK. Riversimple is set to roll out a fleet of 20 “hand-built” hydrogen cell cars for trials in Monmouthshire, south Wales, in 2016/17.

The cars have been 15 years in the making and the company unveiled its first production-ready prototype earlier this year.

It is aiming to be commercially producing a version of its Rasa car by 2018 and hopes that the fuel-cells inside the vehicles – which create electricity from hydrogen and water – will be a sustainable method of energy creation.

The cars themselves weight just 580kg and have two seats. Riversimple has designed them like this so that they are able to travel as far as possible using the power source.

Over the trial the company will be covering the “running costs” of the cars. The firm claims that the cars are able to be refuelled in three minutes and have a range of 300 miles. READ MORE  …


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