Honeycomb Board Auto Options

Mexico-based Fynotej is debuting various automotive applications for new ThermHex honeycomb technology from its partner, Belgium’s EconCore, at the NPE2018 Plastics Show. Fynotej is showing off its line of honeycomb boards, branded as Fynocore boards, which include thermally bonded, in-line skins. They are being sold as either solid PP sheets or with a non-woven surface finish. Fynotej officials say they are recyclable, moisture inert, low-weight and easy to clean.

EconCore’s ThermHex honeycomb technology features a variety of honeycomb-board options for automotive interiors, manufactured using an innovative thermoforming/folding/bonding process from a single sheet of thermoplastic. EconCore points to the Fynotej initiative as a key element in advancing lightweight thermoplastic honeycomb composites in North America. EconCore technology is also used for lightweighting semi-trailer and truck bodies.