A Startup Tries to Crack the Code to Lighter, Stronger Steel for Cars

ns_coil_v1NanoSteel says it’s reinvented steel for lighter automobiles.

Twenty years ago, a government lab in Idaho started exploring what would happen to steel if it was made using ultra tiny particles.

Today a startup called NanoSteel is using this early research combined with decades of chemistry work and product development, to produce stronger, lighter steel for vehicles.

Two months ago, the venture capital-backed, 30-person company sent its first steel sample to partner General Motors GM 0.10% for testing so that the auto giant could see if it wants to potentially use it as a core metal in its cars, NanoSteel CEO David Paratore told Fortune. GM confirmed that it is testing NanoSteel’s steel, but declined further comment because testing is ongoing.

If the material—which is made using nanotechnology, or the practice of engineering materials at a tiny scale—works as advertised it could enable a large car company like GM to reduce the weight of its vehicles, creating lighter but still sturdy cars that are more fuel efficient. READ MORE …

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