Nanostructured Magnesium Alloys

By on August 17, 2018 in IN THE NEWS, MATERIAL MATTERS

Terves LLC. was selected by the U.S. Army and Missile Defense Agency to continue development of innovative high-strength, non-flammable, nanostructured magnesium alloys for lightweighting applications. The company received Department of Defense (DoD) SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) support for its patent-pending cast and wrought magnesium alloys, which could save 30 percent or more in structural weight by replacing cast and wrought 2000, 6000, and 7000 series aluminum alloys in transportation, space and defense applications.

Replacing steel with aluminum produces up to a 40-percent weight savings. Using magnesium alloys instead of aluminum will cut weight by an additional 30 percent. Management-consulting firm McKinsey estimates that the automotive, aviation and wind industries will increase their use of lightweight materials significantly in volume over the next two decades.

Progress on these alloys is the result of DoD-sponsored collaborations initiated through Terves’ LIFT (Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow) membership and networking effort. “Specifically,” Terves CEO Andrew Sherman said, “the Missile Defense Agency’s support funds a collaboration with Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), who is helping us optimize thermomechanical processing for producing very high-strength, thin-walled structures used in aerospace and defense structures.”

He added, “If these high-strength and ductility magnesium alloys can be produced at sufficiently low cost, which we believe they can be, there will be a high driving force to use these lightweight materials in many different industries.”