Lightweighting the BMW M2

By on August 4, 2018 in IN THE NEWS

BMW has introduced an M Performance Parts concept car. It showcased how the BMW M2 could be customized with knowledge based on motorsports for lightweighting. The concept weighed over 132 pounds less than the production model.

The concept car used a great deal of carbon fiber, starting at the grille, all the way through to the rear bumper. The front grille had an accented gold line that highlights the carbon fiber. The hood above the front grille was also fashioned from carbon fiber, further reducing the vehicle weight by more than 17.6 pounds.

Other carbon-fiber parts included the front winglets, front side panels, the side sills (which have gold accents) and the roof. The carbon fiber in these parts further reduced the car’s weight and reduced its center of gravity. BMW used M Performance forged Y-spoke 763M wheels in with semi-slick tires. The wheels were 13 pounds lighter than the standard wheels for the M2. The tailgate and rear diffuser were also made of carbon fiber, saving another 11 pounds when compared to the original model.

The BMW M Performance Parts Concept interiors feature a combination of carbon-fiber fitments and Alcantara upholstery in sport-tuned highlights. The sports seats fashioned from carbon fiber reduced weight further by almost 20 pounds. The rear seats were also made of carbon fiber and lightweighted, making them 28.6 pounds lighter.

With regard to the structure, the M2 concept had M Performance suspension components. The battery was lightweight and contributed to lightweighting with savings of close to 31 pounds. The total lightweighting added up to more than 130 pounds.