KAAP Expanding Again in Kentucky Thanks to Lighter Vehicles

Kobe Aluminum Automotive Products is expanding for a seventh time in Bowling Green, KY.  The Kobe, Japan-based aluminum parts manufacturer, which supplies parts for the automotive industry, will invest more than $51 million and create 129 full-time jobs.

 Bowling GreenKAAP will add more than 108,000 square feet to accommodate new production lines and equipment, including a melting furnace, forging presses and heat-treatment, casting and machining lines. The additional capacity will allow the company to meet increased sales goals. The company expects the project to take approximately one year, with the start of production targeted for fall 2018.

“This is our 12th year producing aluminum automobile suspension parts in Kentucky. Two years ago we decided to make our sixth investment, and due to the increasing necessity of lighter vehicles, we have decided to make another investment,” said Toshihiro Katsura, KAAP president and CEO. “This will be our seventh additional investment, and we are truly grateful to the Commonwealth of Kentucky for all of the support and incentives we have received.”

The plant’s previous expansions total $293 million and it currently employs 500 Kentucky residents full-time. KAAP manufactures lightweight aluminum parts, including upper and lower control arms and steering knuckles. Lighter parts help reduce overall vehicle weight, which contributes to greater fuel economy and lower emission levels.

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