CAFE Standards Expected to Remain in Place

By on December 2, 2016 in IN THE NEWS

sample-of-aluminum-frameThe Environmental Protection Agency this week proposed preserving the 54.5mpg 2025 standard for OEMs, and a spokeswoman reminded media outlets that it could lock in the standard ahead of the April 1, 2018, decision deadline.

Doing so might formally commit OEMs to the aggressive lightweighting push that’s resulted in aluminum, ultra-high-strength steel, magnesium and composites making headway into mainstream vehicles.

The EPA will end public comment Dec. 30 and then Administrator Gina McCarthy will “decide whether she has enough information to make a final determination on the model year 2022-2025 standards,” the agency wrote Wednesday.

According to Automotive News, EPA Office of Air and Radiation acting assistant Administrator Janet McCabe swore Wednesday the decision had nothing to do with Republican President Trump taking office in January.  The Wall Street Journal earlier this month reported that a review of national regulations under Trump administration would include the CAFE standards.

Here is the complete release from the EPA.

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