Carbon Composites Innovations

Williams Advanced Engineering has introduced its proprietary, patent-pending innovations in carbon composites and the benefits they offer to the automotive industry and beyond. The company developed a pair of innovative technologies that promise a step-change in the affordability of composite materials.

Known as 223™ and Racetrak™, these technologies offer comparable performance to existing composites solutions, but with additional benefits, and at a cost that brings them within reach of mainstream applications. These are not simply manufacturing innovations. They are end-to-end, whole-life solutions that address every aspect of the manufacture, use and recycling of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) and the way in which its remarkable properties can enable new approaches to vehicle design and manufacture.

“Racetrak and 223 are just two examples of a new generation of technologies, developed and commercialized by Williams Advanced Engineering,” says Chief Technology Specialist, Lightweight Structures, Iain Bomphray, the Williams Advanced Engineering innovator behind these two breakthroughs. “With this approach, we have the potential to develop new, growing areas of business that will also make significant contributions to the industries in which we work.”

CFRP is a material of huge promise. Its exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio, impressive stiffness, excellent fatigue and environmental resistance make it an attractive choice for a wide variety of industries and applications.

This is particularly pertinent to the automotive industry, where lightweighting is seen as one of the primary tools needed to meet increasingly stringent fuel economy and emissions targets, as well as support the range required from electric vehicles.